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Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Soccer Shoes Ready

Posted by admin 05/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Earlier we have reported Nike Football Tiempo transboundary tide shoes Roshe Tiempo series of four color, but also for us now SOCCERBIBLE exposed another three new color, which in the end to choose good double? Nike Roshe Run, personally penned by designer Dylan Raasch, once listed by the fanatical pursuit, now Malaysia on the road everywhere. Nike Tiempo position in the series of soccer shoes is very important, especially cross-border select Roshe Run mash wonderful. The new colors include "Wolf Grey" (Grey Wolf), "Sand" (TAN), "Burgundy" (red wine), three color sections are often on the streets tide shoes can be said a shoe when the most sensible choice of color just launched. Currently, three Nike Tiempo transboundary tide shoes no clear release date, but it does not matter, do not care so long have waited for a while in front of it! 

Legendary Football Shoes 6 generations has not yet been released more than six months, but has left an indelible mark in the game. Now, the "trigger extraordinary" Nike legendary European Cup Set 6 generations ready for the European Cup and the America's Cup.

In addition to 6 on behalf of the legendary Metal Flash has brought fresh color outside, legend has also rarely particularly dazzling colors. But this time is different, the legendary European Cup and the America's Cup will be 6 green / black / yellow fluorescent colors appear in the game, and sent a kick exquisite passing. No, maybe on the next weekend's Champions League final, we can see the color legend trigger extraordinary six generations of brilliant performance.

Legendary six generations with soft kangaroo leather uppers, thanks unique vacuum pressure quilting technique, shoe completely seamless. This represents no more mud and dirt attached on the upper suture, effectively guarantee the life of kangaroo leather and its natural touch, science and technology and traditional fabrics collision perfect spark.

All Nike "trigger extraordinary" European Cup soccer shoes will suit shelves of major distributors in May 31, so many new shoes, you can be ready before the end of money it?