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Nike Mercurial Vapor X AG static evaluation

Posted by admin 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


Sniper will hold your breath when to pull the trigger, "Assassin" will most surprise when a fatal blow to the opponent. Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes assassin has now developed to the tenth generation, head of human Superfly (super top models), and underboss is Nike Mercurial AG (top section). Nike Mercurial Superfly subversive look and design for all shocked at Nike Mercurial Superfly accolades, Vapor X would seem dim lot. However, in small series, if Nike Mercurial Superfly is set thousands of pet in a supernova, the Vapor X is dedicated to the old hero. Although the ranking of the entire system, Nike Mercurial AG located below Superfly, but its strength is not bad. Nike Mercurial Superfly Superfly's not used to help design, it looks "pleasing to the eye," a lot. The whole shoe remains slender assassin traditional form, the various parts of the line has been outstanding. One thing needs to be noted that, due to the use of the tongue and the upper even as one of the design, Nike Mercurial AG's dorsal appear to be higher than in the past. Overall shoes slim and fine. As one of the most popular Nike shoes, it can control its Asian foot shape is not much, at least not fit into the editor's flat feet. Can control assassin friend, I am very happy. Vapor X using Teijin 2.0 microfiber fabrics, softness and elasticity are very good, but also to improve the previous generation of "high point" vamp fine lines - perspective was slightly granular texture vamp, vamp make high-speed dribbling in adhesion stronger. The thickness of a single layer of fabric only 1.3 mm, extremely thin.
Tongue and vamp as a single entity, so there is tongue deviation trouble, and make the upper more fit your feet. Ductility tongue used special materials is very large, as shown in FIG small one can top with a finger obvious one, back into shape immediately after let go. Piece of elastic material so that the tongue will not cause strong pressure to the feet, but also to ensure a good package degrees. Tongue thickness of only 1.3 mm. The root of the tongue or a short is independent, you can be adjusted by pulling this little shoe wearing comfort.