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Neymar training on the foot Vapor 13 Academy NJR TF boots

Posted by admin 15/07/2020 0 Comment(s)



Although the Ligue 1 season has been declared ended early this season, Neymar, who played for Paris Saint-Germain, trained in Brazil alone to maintain his status. From the training photo released by the Brazilian star on personal social media a few days ago, we found that he actually got a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor NJR TF 13 Academy Football shoes.

Neymar, who is training on the lawn, wore a new personal Mercurial Vapor NJR "Jogo Prismatico" football shoe that Nike launched for him, but he was not wearing a high-end FG/AG-Pro outsole version, but a pair of mid-range TF version. So the question is coming, why would Neymar choose a pair of mid-range TF boots for training? Judging from the training photos he released, the Brazilian star seems to be performing physical training without the ball, so there are not too many requirements for the touch of the ball on the upper. And compared to the FG/AG-Pro outsole, the TF outsole can effectively relieve the pressure on the ankles and knees, and although the training ground of Neymar is natural grass, it seems to be in a normal condition. This is probably why this Brazilian football club The reason for choosing a pair of mid-end TF football shoes for training.