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New color Nike MercurialX Proximo upcoming

Posted by admin 12/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Vamp with deep blue and pink Swoosh new color Nike MercurialX Proximo small soccer shoes upcoming, campaign EZer small farm has a new choice. Thailand does not like fashionable camouflage, black and white do not like to be too difficult to manage, so the latest color are satisfied with it? Mottled deep blue shoe so that the whole pair of shoes looks abnormal low-key than the monotony of black and it looks quite stylish. Pink hollow Swoosh design just right, if instead of using pink Swoosh Crochet but solid design, then how many people will feel some eye-catching, but Crochet embellishment, this pair of shoes more of a low-key Mensao temperament. IC outsole new color MercurialX Proximo soccer shoe design using color, orange heel forefoot subdued subdued pink. Once dark vamp with a light outsole, this pair of shoes on the court will look to the outside conspicuous. Heel shoes MercurialX identification using pink, looks from behind is extremely boring show. New color Nike MercurialX Proximo small soccer shoes will soon be released to market, expected to be launched TF and IC outsole, price is consistent with the 125 pounds before.

Sneakers technology perspective, MercurialX Proximo 2 generations still maintained the previous generation of the same idea: a small field of high-end soccer shoes use. Whole piece Flyknit fly woven uppers, and a new Speed ​​Ribs will appear in a small field MercurialX Proximo, covering the upper thin melt film to ensure the protection and durability of the shoes. Shoe outsole been redesigned full-size dragon midsole is adopted, to provide a stronger response in the end, more lightweight. The outsole of the shoes also redesigned production.