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Buy Hot CTR360 Maestri III Nike football boots

Posted by admin 28/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

Nike heavy launched a new design CTR360 Maestri III Nike football boots. CTR series is the Nike in order to try to control the rhythm of the game design players, and now a whole new generation of CTR series also debut. Let's take a look at the recently launched promotional photos and technology presentations and tell us what you think. "Maestri" (in Italian means "master") has become through the control of football, and thus control the whole game midfielder's favorite.


Nike CTR360 series since its inception in 2009 has grown. In the third year, we see its third generation turned out. The success of the previous two generations of our expectations for this generation is high. Who are the CTR market target groups? Is the midfielder, those skilled in possession, vision, good sense, the ball at the foot of the game will be able to create the opportunity to change the results of the midfield players.


The new CTR360 with a new appearance to greet the new season, but Nike has retained the CTR series of labels in general two-color matching tradition. The new CTR360 Maestri III has been redesigned to enhance the ball, touch, grip, support and light comfort levels. A new generation of artificial kangaroo leather is a guarantee of touch and durability.


Nike CTR360 sign technology - foot control pad to further innovation and upgrading. 3D control pad technology uses a number of separate arrangement, the size of the ball tightly wrapped around the arch section to achieve the maximum contact with the football area, optimizing the accuracy of the ball and passing.