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Best Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Football Boots

Posted by admin 26/09/2016 0 Comment(s)


Nike Hypervenom Football Boots took over from long-serving T90, including Wayne - Wayne Rooney and Robert - Lewandowski are now switching to this new series of Nike's. Visually similar to Wasps and assassin more than T90, but there are some key differences between the new series and Nike's famous speed boots.


First Nike Hypervenom Football Boots Upper material is completely different, the feedback from the players point of view they want to be able to provide similar boots barefoot feel, Nike Wasps created NIKESKIN - a unique material, much softer than the assassin vamp. Honeycomb design like waxy feel and provide more grip than the assassin. Assassin is designed to cut through the air like a fast, thus creating a high power acceleration sprint, long distance sprint for 90 minutes a player is perfect. Wasps of NIKESKIN is this - like a second skin, it's soft and molds around the foot to provide a tight and flexible comfort.


Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG super top models and top models even once the top models, have joined the iconic Nike Flywire cables, which is what we called "fly line." This "fly line," the official said, is to increase the shoes of Smart, said very Xuanhu, but I got the impression this is the "friction roads", thicker and more three-dimensional than the friction bar Superfly. Actual combat, it is really a great friction coefficient, for me, love explosion shot a long pass beloved people, this feeling is simply not Gengshuang. For this design, I really like it. Nike Hypervenom Football Boots Wasps speed element is focused on flexibility - to a crowded penalty area before the ball, a fast pace, change the direction and pace to get the ball before the defender. Here is our best analogy with cars, tried to explain it - you need to attend a short Assassin Sprint, and Wasps are more suitable for continuous curve. When the rapid run, do not slip it is obviously very important. This is Nike Wasps FG reasoning. Feedback is Nike assassin, knife-like spikes when slicing through the ground when the player will cause the steering to slip. The more rounded cone nail to penetrate the ground more secure.


So when Nike says "Wasps players will create more space," which basically means that the shoes will provide a platform that allows players to become faster and therefore more quickly get rid of defensive players so they have more time to select pass or shot. Assassin's nature is the throttle in the end, straight sprint. They are designed for fast ball, defender close to you in a blow ago. For this reason, the sole (FG) and upper designed to help you get maximum acceleration.