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Adidas ACE 15.1 K-Leather FG / AG Appreciation

Posted by admin 01/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


Previously, we introduced microfiber version of ACE 15.1 AG, ​​although the upper used in Control Web technology called revolutionary, but for those persistent delicate touch brings people in natural leather, kangaroo leather always irreplaceable position. But then again, these three words in kangaroo leather soccer shoes circles does have great magic, and today we just introduce kangaroo leather version of the ACE 15.1. If you do not tell you in advance Description This is a revolutionary new Adidas for ACE 2015, then I believe you will certainly double this slightly "heavy" leather soccer shoes Adidas previously seen him four series of the shadow of it. Microfiber version of ACE main control, the kangaroo leather version is more emphasis on touch, parcels and comfort. Shoe body side retained the mark Adidas three bars, along with its leather upper, reminiscent Adidas had discontinued Adipure series. Shoes have adopted the first part of the high-grade kangaroo leather soft and delicate, and alignment with the lateral interleaved diamonds to enhance the upper strength to prevent kangaroo leather uppers because of over-stretched causing aliasing distortion. Kangaroo leather version ACE 15.1 FG / AG version has a very full harmony toe, coupled with good ductility kangaroo leather, this shoe can be described thus upturned thumb's delight.